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Media Planner

Social Media content library, as well as content planner for posting and scheduling to Social Networks.

Email Newsletter

Personalized newsletter platform for your team to grow subscribers and share updates on a monthly basis.

Microblog Network

Dynamic microblog personalized for each team member, keeping all shared content connected to each person.


Private team group for sharing tips, support and encourage participation.


Custom insights and analytics for your team to keep track of their growth.

Training & Support

An easy-to-use resource for your team to market like a pro, as well as full email support to answer questions.

Custom Dashboard

An all-in-one digital marketing suite to help you manage and grow your business.

Media Planner

Powerful and engaging content to share with your fans on social media.


Actionable insights and social intelligence in easy-to-read reports.


Collaborate with your team to share content, strategy, and best practices.

Email Newsletter

Email Marketing is a valuable tool that provides direct communication with customers and increases lead generation and cross-selling.

Built In Editor


Custom Template Designs

Mobile Optimized

Subscriber Profiles

Subscriber Promotions

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Microblog Network

The Microblog is an insanely simple approach to traditional blogging, a tool crafted just for you and your team by Multibrain.

Any piece of content that appears on your blog pages can instantly be published on any of your personal social selling sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Fresh content is uploaded to your team’s Microblogs through the “Feature Content of the Day” tool, giving them the ability to customize and control it all.

The Microblog increases connectivity by driving fans and followers directly to the blog instead of an outside landing page.

Media Planner

Social Media Marketing should be fun, engaging and of course…SIMPLE to execute. That’s what the Media Planner is for.

The Media Planner provides the ability to post content to any and every Social Media Network page whenever and however a user chooses. Our goal is to empower YOU and your team to create your own voice and business profile.

The Media Planner is the most efficient way to find engaging content that is already created for you and your team to share with your online community. Don’t miss out.


Your team has the real time ability to track the analytics from all of their social media profiles. Once logged into the dashboard, any user can monitor the success of a single post by simply accessing the highly responsive analytics tool.

  • Reach & Engagement 100%
  • Campaigns & Promotions 80%
  • Network Tracking 60%

Keeping up to date with analytics is the best way to monitor your social selling efforts, and make sure you have continued success.

Training & Support

We’re all about making it simple. So even our training tools are designed to be incredibly easy to use and understand. Our “How-To HQ™” breaks everything down into step-by-step videos and written explanations that anyone can grasp. Our rule of thumb? If our grandmothers can’t understand it, we haven’t made it simple enough. And you’d be amazed at what our grandmothers know about social media now!

We are the trailblazers and innovators of social media software and solutions for the direct selling industry.

About Us

We LOVE what we do, and we are really good at it. Our core value is to provide the easiest, all-in-one online marketing dashboard for the fastest way to connect and grow your team’s network.

Multibrain stays ahead of the curve to make sure we keep you looking like the expert.

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