The Simplest
Social Selling System.

Multibrain’s marketing dashboard is, hands down, the simplest way for your sales force to build community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, all from one platform, in just a few minutes per day.

Enterprise Solutions

Click. Click. Done. We’ve got the tools your field needs to create it and the actionable analytics they need to track it. Refine and perfect a social strategy for your field. Turn their social feeds into business leads. Take control of your brand. Multibrain makes it easy.

Social Planner

Everything you need, all in one platform, with features to ensure social selling success.

Creative Services

We’re constantly creating new content for your field, proven to generate engagement and conversations. Our vast content library is organized by passions and includes images, templates, animations, stories, interactive games and so much more. Plus, we create branded content just for your company.


Whether you have a field full of users that are new to social media or are more advanced, we’ve got them covered. Our training is always up to date with the latest from social networks and the strategies that work best.


We build a thriving community on Facebook for your field to connect with each other, learn from us, and get all of the social media updates. We share with them social media tips and lessons, LIVE weekly shows, and engage in lively conversations so everyone feels like a part of the community.


Actionable Analytics

We provide actionable data designed to drive your business forward

Full Support

Our team of talented Brains is at your service whenever you need it.

Content Maker

Personalized content to add your own at any time.

Our Users Say the Nicest Things.

Scott Kramer and his wonder Brain Team are simply amazing! All of his teachings have helped me grow my business in a more positive/productive way. They have stretched me to be more confident and unique in my business and my personal life. I advise everyone who wants to expand their social media presence to message Scott Kramer for all their social media needs! Scott explains everything in a manner that you can understand, easy to follow, and easy to implement into your business. He makes it fun and enjoyable. You can not ask for a better teacher and mentor! Key note: He makes all of his webinars available for replay so you can re-watch them at your convenience. I look forward to learning more from him and his amazing team.
CJ Nixt

Scott does an amazing job hitting all the bases on social media training. Some of his insight, I already knew or did but he not only explained it better but showed new things to use and try. Thanks and job well done.
Racheal Mahurin

Thank you for all you have done. For a person who is shy, even hiding behind a computer, I have learned a lot and accomplished more with your help. I look forward to the months ahead.
Cindi Johnson

Really enjoyed the Social Selling webinar series in the last few weeks. I learned A LOT! I am looking forward to learning even more in the next year! Thanks for teaching us and letting us in on all the social media tricks!
Denise Wood

I loved the webinars. I have learned so much and I’m getting more people / customers / clients following me on IG! Thanks to you and your team we are all going to be great at social selling!! 
Debbie Onofri Hornyak

Scott goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of and explains things so easily. He is truly AWESOME! Definitely someone you should have in your corner when it comes to running your social media needs for your business. He goes above and beyond.
Rebecca Dallas

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