Espira Social Media Guidelines for Multibrain Platform v.3

Remember the following when sharing or posting about Espira products and your experiences:

  • If sharing promotional claims or statements or product information, limit your comments to those provided in the Espira materials produced by the Home Office (e.g. Product Information Sheets, product packaging, Avon U, etc.).
  • Any claims, other than the ones provided by the Home Office, used to promote Espira and/or its products are not permitted under the Independent Sales Representative Contract Terms and Conditions. For example, claims regarding weight loss or treatment, cure or prevention of disease are not permitted.
  • If sharing your personal experiences using Espira, all testimonials you provide must be accurate and reflect your honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experience.
  • All testimonials must disclose that you are an Avon Representative, and if applicable, that you received complimentary Espira product(s) from Avon.