A Call-to-Action is a great way to attract and drive visitors to take a desired action on your Facebook Business Page. This button appears near the top of your page and is very easy to locate. There are so many options when creating a call-to-action button that it may seem overwhelming to the average user. Some of these options include: Sign Up, Message, Call, Shop now, etc.

So, what is the secret to having an effective Call-to-Action button that will inspire the right actions on your page to convert to a sale? Here are Multibrain’s top 5 Call-to-Actions as well as a video on how to create one!

1. Sign Up

 Use this when you are looking to get sign ups to your organization or service.

Dollar Shave Club used the Sign-Up Call-To-Action button for 3 weeks and saw a 250% increase in the conversion rate on their Facebook page.

2. Send Email

Best for collecting email addresses for your email promotions or newsletter.

Pro Tip: For increased responsiveness, add a Facebook page cover with text that asks your fan to click on the Call-To-Action tab.  

3. Send Message

Best when you’re highly active and have built great rapport with your fans.

Pro Tip: Setup Instant Replies to send automated messages.

4. Shop Now

Best used if you have an online store.

5. Call Now

Best used if you want to have a direct conversation with your fans.


Now that you know about Facebook Call-To-Actions, go set up the best one for your business!

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